Ako nainštalovať F-spot Picture Manager pre Ubuntu

Inštalácia- f-spot-Ubuntu


The project is dead F-Spot was removed from deposits official since Ubuntu 16.04. See this report bug .

F-Spot is a manager of personal photos, Single-user (we must take precautions before moving his collection of photos ), for GNOME . It is written in C # and using Mono and Gtk #.


It supports tag management (search by keyword), EXIF and XMP metadata. It has editing functions (Rotácie, Orezanie, red-eye treatment …) and color adjustment (farby, brightness, contrast, tone, saturation, temperature). It finally allows exports to the Web ( Flickr , 23 , Picasa Web , SmugMug , Facebook and creating a web gallery to browse a collection of photos by tag in particular).

One f-spot forces is looking totag” (or keyword): it is obviously possible to combine several tags per photo, and then the search can be done in multiple ways by handling each label in bar research :

  • OR (ex: Label1 OR Label2): Make 2 double-clicks, double-click onLabel1”, then double-click onLabel2
  • AND (napr: Label1 AND Label2): Kliknite na tlačidlo / dropLabel2toLabel1
  • SANS (ex: Etiquette1 without Etiquette2): very practical to find the photos ofJacqueson which does not appearRaymond”. Associate 2 labels with the AND method, then right-click on Label2 and chooseExclude labeled photos Label2

Inštalácia- f-spot-Ubuntu


This section applies only to versions before Ubuntu 16.04.

Simply click f-spot to install


When I click on the thumbnail of a photo, I have this window that appears


This means that the photo has been moved or deleted manually.

Where are thumbnails of photos managed by f-spot stored?

The thumbnails are stored in the hidden folder .thumbnails vaše personal folder.

It is thususeful”, when you save your photos, to also save this directory (as well as the f-spot configuration directory). Inak, after a reinstallation, the thumbnails will automatically re-create each time you view a series of photos causing slowness at the time of the display.

How does f-spot class photos?

When importing photos, f-spot the copies according to the date and time contained in the metadata of each photo:

⇒ Pictures folder ⇒ year folders ⇒ month folders ⇒ days folder.

How to export the label organization after a re-installation

When you re-install a version of Ubuntu (not an upgrade), you back up your photos but when you import them to the f-Spot version of your new installation, it will not recompose the label organization (It stores them in imported label) and there it is the drama.

To avoid this we must already have configured in f-spot Edit → Preferences and ticked the first box Write metadata in the file (WARNING requires this option to be activated from the start of your use of F-Spot). Then you have to:

  • Make a backup of the file .config / f-spot / photos.db vaše personal folder on the old system,
  • Then copy the file from the old system of labels (photos.db file) in the folder hidden .config / f-spot .

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